The Maggie's Centre Dundee by Frank Gehry is a highly inspirational building. A medical facility on hospital grounds yet is manages to capture a sense of home. Possibly Gehry's most restrained building, the combination of form, materials and views out over the Tay estuary, create an environment that is fit to tackle the daunting nature of cancer care.

These two pieces attempt to capture the layered and somewhat contrasting nature of the building. The jagged folding zinc roof a counter to the timber that holds it up. The smooth, curved form of the small viewing tower, somehow at peace with its attention
seeking neighbour, the shining metal roof. All of this set against a serene, calm blue sky that is willing to simply be the backdrop and allow the architecture to come to the fore.

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Perth, Scotland

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Maggie's Centre Dundee Pt.2

Acrylic and Pastel on Paper