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The first stage of the project was to investigate the cultural significance of the Gray's School of Art and to portray that in an exhibition format. The exhibition both showed off the qualities of the building to those both within and out with the school, as well as providing a backdrop for each individual students proposal.


I was leader of one of four groups of students, responsible for various elements such as analysis of the building, precedent studies as well as the curation of the exhibition, making sure the final exhibition was cohesive, the work produced was of a high quality and that the exhibition portrayed the qualities of the Gray's Building.


Alongside my editorial duties, I also produced a study of the facade, looking at various different elements from the proportion and harmony to the reflective qualities of the facade and the effect on the building.


The final exhibition was very successful, and everyone could be very proud of the work produced. The centrepiece of the exhibition was a 1:20 model of the west wing of the building, which gave a great insight into the complexity of the building. 

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Perth, Scotland

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