Unit 2: HOME

Masters Groupwork Research

The starting point for our individual housing projects was a semester of group research into the issues facing housing today and the role architects can play in solving those issues. We began this research with the question:  Can architects solve the housing crisis?  

Whilst that question is brief, it requires an extreme depth of knowledge in order to even begin to answer and over the course of the semester our research tackled a wide range of issues. Each of our projects is a response to these issues both in terms of the brief but also the location. The approach of focusing on a particular typology as opposed to a specified site has led to a diverse mix of proposals across the world, that address a range of issues from co-living to housing an aging population. 

This semester of research culminated in a number of outputs, such as: a zine featuring opinion pieces on the state of housing; a database of exemplar housing projects; case study models of housing types across Scotland and most notably an exhibition that was featured at the 2018 RIAS Convention. The exhibition acted as the forum for all of our research to come together into a cohesive whole, which gives a wider picture of the issues and opportunities in mass housing that acts a platform for our individual housing projects. 

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